Premium Range of Hot Eyebrow Wax

Sculpting and styling your brows has just been taken to a whole other level. Brow Code’s range of eyebrow wax products and accessories will remove every single hair, resulting in a flawlessly defined shape. 

Discover our high-performing wax for brows to effectively remove hair from the follicle on the first pass and cast your clients with a lasting finish that will outlast the latest beauty trends. Explore our entire range, including our cult favorite Design & Define Hot Wax, Microwavable Brow Styling Hot Wax, Wax Warmers, and Wax and Warmer Set to stock your salon with premium products you can rely on to exceed your client’s expectations.


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2 products


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2 products

  • Design & Define Hot Wax

    For sculpting and shaping your client's brows

    Design & Define Hot WaxDesign & Define Hot Wax
  • Microwavable Brow Styling Hot Wax 250g

    For upselling to your clients post service

    Microwavable Brow Styling Hot Wax 250gMicrowavable Brow Styling Hot Wax 250g
  • Tweezers 100% Stainless Steel

    For tweezing any stubborn brow hairs

    Tweezers 100% Stainless SteelTweezers 100% Stainless Steel
  • Trimming Scissors

    For trimming your clients' brows with incredible precision.

    Trimming ScissorsTrimming Scissors
  • Henna Tinting Brushes 50 Pack

    For precise application of brow dye

    Henna Tinting Brushes 50 PackHenna Tinting Brushes 50 Pack
  • Glass Mixing Dish

    For mixing tint, henna, or hybrid dye.

    Glass Mixing Dish
  • Charcoal Brow Mapping Thread

    For mapping the perfect brow shape

    Charcoal Brow Mapping ThreadCharcoal Brow Mapping Thread
  • Tinting Sticks 25 Pack

    For seamlessly applying brow tint.

    Tinting Sticks 25 PackTinting Sticks 25 Pack
  • Brow Lamination Wrap

    For laminating your client's brows

    Brow Lamination Wrap - Brow Code United StatesBrow Lamination Wrap
  • Brow Lamination Combs 25 Pack

    For effortlessly distributing lamination lotion throughout the brows

    Brow Lamination Combs 25 PackBrow Lamination Combs 25 Pack
  • Li Pigments Microblading Pens 10 Pack

    For achieving ideal pigment implantation and retention

    Li Pigments Microblading Pens 10 PackLi Pigments Microblading Pens 10 Pack
  • 123 Micro Stroke Brush

    A double-ended micro brush for precise, hair-like strokes.

    123 Micro Stroke Brush123 Micro Stroke Brush
  • 122 Define & Line Brush

    Shape, fill and sculpt brows with pro-precision.

    122 Define & Line Brush122 Define & Line Brush
  • Eyelash Tinting Papers

    For protecting the skin from eyelash tint stain

    Eyelash Tinting Papers


What type of wax does Brow Code sell?

We offer a range of retail and professional brow waxes, including our trade-focused Professional Design & Define Hot Wax (1KG) and the Microwaveable Brow Wax for upselling to your clients. Both products are hard wax styles that do not require strips to use.

What are the recommended instructions for brow waxing?

We have outlined all the steps required for flawless professional brow waxing on the product page.

What temperature do I heat the wax to?

The Professional Design & Define Hot Wax can be evenly heated sitting between 3 to 4 on a standard 1L wax warmer.

Is your Brow Wax safe to use for pregnant and breastfeeding women?

Yes, our professional brow wax is safe to use for pregnant and breastfeeding women. However, please always consult with a doctor or medical professional prior to use.

What makes Brow Code's eyebrow wax products the best choice for professionals?

Considered one of the best professional waxes for brows, our malleable formulas are easy to manipulate to the contours of the eyebrows and orbital bone. With a creamy consistency that offers superior coverage, our range enables you to sculpt your customer’s brows with greater precision and deliver a flawless finish your clients will fall in love with.

What is the shelf life of your wax for brows, and how should it be stored?

Our professional brow wax has been specially formulated to maintain its rich texture and efficacy for up to two years when properly stored. To confirm your product’s expiration period, please check the best-before date printed on its label.

To prolong the life of your eyebrow wax, ensure its seal or lid is properly fastened and store it in a cool and dry area that is away from heat sources.

Can your eyebrow wax be used on various hair types, including coarse and fine hair?

Yes — Brow Code eyebrow wax offers a high-performing formula that applies a strong hold over thick, thin, and textured hair so you can provide the best experience possible for your clients. It effortlessly eliminates hair from the follicle on the first pass without having to make touch-ups.

Are your eyebrow wax formulations suitable for sensitive skin?

While everybody’s skin and sensitivities are unique, we carefully craft our wax for brows from ethical sources, without parabens and other chemical nasties, to ensure it is gentle on the most delicate skin.